*Aero Space products also avaliable. For all leather, plastic, vinyl, rubber, gell-coat, & fibber-glass.

 *For more information about 303 go to 303 products.com
* Protect and beautify your investment with  Tempera-flex polishing systems.
           * No buffer swirls ever.* 
*Weather it be a Auto, Boat, Aircraft, Motorcycle, or Motorhome!
*Bullheads hot sun and sandstorms cannot hurt it. 
*Temperflex will not fade, crack, or chip once applied.
*Protects new paint better then wax, silicone, or poly products.
*Will give your paint a mirror image.
* Heat resisant over 200 degrees.

*Carpet cleaning avaliable.
​Chris's         Auto       SPA
*Weather  it Floats, Fly's, or Rolls!   
For an appt. call 928-758-5593 or 928-234-2336 or click on e-mail at chrissautospa@hotmail.com or chrisfromzona@hotmail.com
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*We can;
Boats washed and detailed here. 303 and Fire glaze used here. 
RV'S washed and detailed 303 and Fire Glaze  used here.
City of Bullhead occupational business #8423.
Random car picture of the week. If your investment appears here and you call while its on here you will receive a free exterior hand wash a $20 value for free. 
*Log on to autopolish.com for more information about Fire-Glaze
Chris's Auto Spa  Fire-Glaze Club P/1. Free to join just call for your appointment.
Fire - Glaze Club P/2. Has arrived call to become a proud member. Your investment will appreciate it.
    Below are video's of  our work please enjoy.
Located at 1926 Morning Glory TR. Bullhead, City, AZ. 86442
Using the BuffPro Buffer combined with Fire-Glaze polish.